Science Experiment LED Show

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Science Experiment LED Show
Reasons to book this Themed LED Dance Show
  • Theatrical science themed LED dance show with body-popping and LED costumes

  • Non-spoken shows suitable for all audience anywhere around the world

  • Especially good for family-friendly events, or science and futuristic conventions

  • One of a kind theatrical dance shows guaranteed to leave a lasting impression

  • Based in Kamianske, Ukraine, and available for events all over the world

Science Experiment LED Show videos

Science Experiment LED Show photos

Our Science Experiment LED Show is a theatrical stage performance that combines non-spoken acting, LED costumes, body popping choreographies and a touch of humour. This fantastic concept is unlike any LED show your guests will have ever seen before and its a themed LED dance show that is suitable for audiences of all ages. The theatrical dance show has a simple storyline and some very inventive LED costumes. 

The fascinating Science Experiment LED Show is created by our multitalented LED Dancers Ukraine. They choreograph and create amazing LED shows that can be used for a wide variety of events all over the world. This particular themed LED dance show appeals to audiences of all ages and has no language barriers. The Science Experiment LED Show uses a custom soundtrack with epic soundscapes, sound effects and several well-known songs for the dance routines. Its a one of a kind theatrical dance show guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression. 

The exciting Science Experiment LED Show makes an ideal addition so technological, futuristic or even scientific conventions, family-friendly events and gala parties. The LED Dancers Ukraine have experience performing at events everywhere from Dubai to Peru and are one of the best in the country. 

Top Tip:
Our LED Dancers Ukraine have several other LED show options including one based on an Asian theme

Contact us at Scarlett Enteerttinamnt to find out more about this science themed LED dance show. Our Entertainment Experts will assist you in booking the LED Dancers Ukraine for your event.