Saxophone Player Berlin

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Saxophone Player Berlin
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our saxophone player is fantastic at improvising his live music to DJ’s sets

  • With over 30 years of experience improvising saxophone to DJ sets without needing any preparation or rehearsal our sax player uses 100% pure intuitive improvisation

  • A musician who improvises on the sax using an vintage effect rack to DJ mixes covering styles from techno and house with elements of disco, pop and soul as well as chilled music

  • Our performer can speak five languages fluently, including; French, Swedish, Spanish, German and English

  • Based in Berlin and available for worldwide bookings

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Book our fantastic improvising saxophone player for spontaneous, completely unique and bespoke performances. A sax musician with a difference plays along to DJ sets and electronic music to create a totally different live music sound. 

With over 30 years of experience improvising his live music to DJ’s electronic music in clubs, festivals and corporate events, our musician does not require any preparation or rehearsal and instead uses pure intuitive improvisation to guide him in performing astounding live music. A innovative way of experiencing the sax, our musician has created a unique act that allows for every performance to be completely new and never heard before sound, which creates a very special and bespoke package. 

Our saxophonist has performed in gigs and productions with Dr Alban, Mando Diao, Danijel Alpha, Cari Lekebusch, Heiko Laux, Ellen Alien, Housemeister, Mijs v. Dijk and many others. During his sets our saxophone player uses a vintage effect rack to DJ mixes that covers a variety of different genres including; techno and house with elements of disco, pop and soul as well as performing chilled music that is perfect as background music at dinners, corporate events or private parties. 

An extremely talented performer who breaks language barriers can speak in five different languages including French, Swedish, Spanish, German and English is the perfect act for international gigs and events.

A musician who can perform spontaneously to DJ sets also works extremely well as a soloist or as part of a duo with a guitar or piano and can also perform with a singer to create a very well rounded act.

To book our improvising sax player for completely bespoke performances, contact our knowledgable Entertainment Specialists.

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