Sand Bottle Artist Dubai

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Sand Bottle Artist Dubai
Reasons to book this Dubai Sand Artist
  • Amazing custom designed sand art in a bottle that can be done in a matter of minutes

  • Artist uses layers of coloured sand and craft skills to create images inside a bottle

  • Superb personalised gifts for private and corporate clients

  • Tailorable images, sand colours and bottle sizes

  • Based in Dubai and available for events all over the UAE

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Our Sand Bottle Artist Dubai creates some truly stunning personalised gifts that will become one of your guests’ most cherished items as well as being a fantastic souvenir of an event or destination. This unique sand artist has developed a unique craft that is a brilliant alternative to many take away gifts. 

The UAE-based sand bottle artist creates exceptional gifts that your guests can take home and cherish forever. Using his specialist skills, craft tools and coloured sand, he is able to create miniature works of art inside a variety of different sized glass bottles. Working to client specifics, this sand artist layers different coloured sands and uses his craft skills to create images as well as being able to write text on the inside of the bottle. 

Sand Bottle Artist Dubai can fully customise each work of sand art to include names, dates or brand names and specific imagery. It is also a possible option to tailor the sand colours he uses to fit with a specific colour scheme or branding. The sand art can be set into a variety of different sized bottles. 

The Dubai sand artist can be booked for private and corporate events throughout the whole of the UAE. His materials are easily transported and he is able to complete his amazing bottled sand art in front of the guests in a matter of minutes. 

If you would like to book Sand Bottle Artist Dubai for your special events, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment.