Sand Artist Australia

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Sand Artist Australia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Remarkable sand artist astounds guests with his live sand painting displays

  • Our sand painter and live event artist is perfect for weddings, festivals and corporate events

  • An artist who uses sand to tell a story, this sand painter is the ultimate entertainment

  • Shows last around 15 minutes

  • Based in Mid North Coast Australia and available for worldwide bookings

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An incredibly experienced sand artist who creates magnificent pieces of artwork right before your eyes is the ultimate live event artist for any occasion. Watch as this remarkable sand painter astounds your guests with his breath taking creations that are made completely from sand, using nothing but his hands to design intricate images that tell a story. For a creative and customisable live event artist, sand painting is guaranteed to astound and delight audiences of all ages.

Our sand artists performances are made up of a series of drawings that all flow on from each other to tell an engaging story without using any tools or words. Perfect for weddings our sand painter can produce sand paintings to tell the story of the couple that is unique and personal to them - creating memories and experiences to last a lifetime. 

With each show lasting around 15 minutes you will be amazed at what our live event artist can create as he takes you on a journey through his artwork that is breath taking to experience.  Using a light box, video camera and data projector our sand painter can ensure that his artwork is seen by all on the big screen.

A dynamic and visual form of story telling, sand painting is a unique art form that when witnessed live is truly astonishing and mesmerising to watch. Perfect for weddings, private parties, corporate events, exhibitions and any occasion that desires instantaneous artwork that is unique and personable to each event.

To book our brilliant sand artist or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialist today.