Sand Artist Asia

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Sand Artist Asia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic sand artist creates stunning works of art before your eyes

  • Incredible sand animations develop and change while you watch in this engrossing performance

  • Talented live event artist can create bespoke animations for weddings, corporate events and occasions

  • Sand painting act has amazed audiences at events for Nissan, Greenland Group Real Estate, Maotai and many more

  • Incredible live art available for events in China and around Asia

Sand Artist Asia videos

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Book our incredible sand artist for a unique and magical art performance at your event. Our fantastic artist creates breath taking sand animation that will wow any audience and create a powerful visual spectacle at any event. Our live event artist creates beautiful artwork out of sand, sprinkling and brushing the sand to create incredible portraits and landscapes that evolve and change as the act progresses.

Our beautiful sand paintings are a fabulous talking point for events and a great alternative to traditional entertainment that guests will find truly captivating. Book our wonderful live art performer for a memorable and exquisitely beautiful act that will be the highlight of any event.

This sand animation act is an eye catching performance that lets your guests see a stunning work of art unfold before their eyes. Our sand artist creates amazing pictures out of sand which are projected onto a screen, allowing the entire audience to see each stroke and brush as the sand painting unfolds. This live art is perfect for telling a captivating story as the picture develops and changes, making it an engrossing performance that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Our live event artist creates magical sand animation in a range of artistic styles and can create bespoke concepts to suit any event. What better entertainment to delight guests at a wedding reception than a romantic story being told through magical sand painting? For corporate events our live event artist can incorporate your branding or latest product into her illustrations to create a unique visual statement to impress your audience. 

Our talented sand artist is also a fantastic light painter, able to create stunning artwork out of luminous neon strokes of light.

Scarlett Entertainment features a great selection of sand animation artists for events worldwide.

To book our Sand Artist Asia or another fantastic act contact our team.

Greenland Group Real Estate
Zhanjiang Development Bank
Yanjing Beer