Sand Art Show

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Sand Art Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Magical and breathtaking sand art show to amaze audiences

  • Sand story show creates stunning pictures using sand that evolve and develop to tell a beautiful story

  • Magnificent live event art with a range of themes and stories to suit all events

  • Personalised live sand art lets you create your own wedding story or corporate branding in beautiful sand portraits

  • Talented and creative sand artist available for events across Russia

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Book this magical sand art show and bring an incredible and personalised art performance to your event. Our exquisite sand story show uses sand to draw beautiful picture which evolve and develop to tell a visually stunning story that audiences will love. Guests will be captivated by this talented and creative sand artist and this stunning sand artwork is sure to spark their imaginations. Our live sand art is the perfect choice for telling unique personalised stories of romance for weddings or for telling your corporate story and bringing your branding to life in a unique and eye catching fashion. Book this magnificent live event art for your wedding, party, product launch or corporate function and amaze your guests with this special and breath taking live art display.

Live sand art is quickly becoming one of the most popular acts in the entertainment industry and is a great fresh alternative to more traditional displays that audiences have seen a thousand times before. Our brilliant sand artist is sure to make an impression as each sweep and stroke of sand creates a new breath taking portrait or landscape. This sand story show is available with a range of pre conceived stories in popular themes like Christmas, weddings and a variety of popular tourist themes based around Moscow and St Petersburg.

Our incredible sand art show also offers you the chance to work with our expert team to create a story of your very own for a one of a kind personalised performance. Whether telling a romantic tale for your wedding reception or seeing your company branding come to life in beautiful sand pictures, this incredible live event art lets you be the artist and gives you full control. 

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