Sand Animation Show

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Sand Animation Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Live, complex and creative Sand Animation performances

  • Mind blowing and unique in it’s kind throughout the whole world!

  • Company logos or branding can be integrated into custom animation

  • Innovative visual art that the audience can lose themselves in

  • Based in Budapest, Hungary and available to play at events worldwide

Sand Animation Show videos

Sand Animation Show photos

Wet paint, dry sand, two glass plates, music, light and two people. A number of unlikely elements put together by two visual artists, who create innovative performances that viewers can lose themselves in. In contrast to other sand artists this duo work as a team to create emotive modern art work during their energetic live performances. 

Sand Animation Show is a completely live performance and the result of a complex creative process, which has resulted in a new form of visual imagery. Working with existing sand animation techniques, the duo have pushed the boundaries of their medium in search of breaking points between the solid traditional and the refreshingly new. The outcome is a mind-blowing performance, unique in its kind throughout the world.

Mr Ferenc Cako created the first ever live sand animation show in 1996 and it has since been copyrighted all over the world due to the level of skill required to perform such a unique show. Whilst one member paints the background to the images and changes the different drawn foils, the second artist will draw and manipulate the shape of the sand to create a bespoke piece of artwork. 

The artists create illustrations for large audiences, with an overhead camera projecting onto a large screen for the audience to see. The animation can be shown live at any event, or can be documented using either photography for stop-motion or can be videoed as a “live performance” to be shown at events such as corporate product launches, or exhibitions.

Sand animation can even be integrated into concerts, advertising and video and can be custom created by request. If a custom sand animation is needed for a special event or project, it can include logos, branding or scenes performed to a soundtrack of your choice. The opprtunities with this act are endless so contact us today to find out what we can do to tailor this unique entertainment specifically to your events requirements. 

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