Salvador Dali Clock Characters

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Salvador Dali Clock Characters
Reasons to book this Interactive Entertainment
  • Fascinating walkabout duo themed on the work of Salvador Dali

  • Incredible, high quality costumes with real working clocks

  • Exceptional photo opportunity and interactive entertainment

  • In-build lighting makes them a great choice for night time events

  • Based in Australia and available for events all over the world

Salvador Dali Clock Characters videos

Salvador Dali Clock Characters photos

Our totally wonderful Salvador Dali Clock Characters are guaranteed to turn heads wherever they go. Visually captivating, this living art duo bring post-modern and surreal artistry to life with their exceptional costumes and appearance. The walkabout art characters not only look incredibly impressive but provide interactive entertainment that makes for great photo opportunities and a real homing beacon for getting people’s attention. 

These walkabout art characters provide living art influenced by the work of Salvador Dali and especially one of his most famous work of art called The Persistence Of Memory. Focusing only on black and red colours, with a dash of red, these incredibly striking costumes pay homage to Dali’s iconic melting watches and even include real working dials about their bodies. They also incorporate a classic nursery rhyme mouse and a cuckoo clock hat. 

Available for a wide range of events, the Salvador Dali clock characters are guaranteed to captivate audiences wherever they go. They are incredibly dramatic when booked for night time or dark events or functions as they can illuminate their costumes. They have clever LED lighting strips built-in to their clockface umbrellas that make the white's of their costume shine like bright neon.  

Top Tip
These walkabout performers have many other fascinating costumes that can be booked for your event, including:

If you're looking for interactive entertainment and totally inspiring walkabout art characters that can be suitable for all kinds of entertainment, indoor or outdoor, day time or night time, then be sure to contact us to book the dazzling Salvador Dali clock characters for your event.