Russian Gypsy Music

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Russian Gypsy Music
Reasons to book this ACT
  • One of Germany's most popular Russian, Eastern European & Klezmer bands

  • Top-class artists who combine a fiery spirit with tender melancholy

  • Perform touching tunes on eight traditional instruments

  • Previous clients include Mercedes Benz, MDR, Ryazan, Lufthansa, Telekom

  • Based in Münster, Germany & available to perform at events worldwide

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This Münster based Russian gypsy band was founded in early 2010 and consist of top-class artists who combine a fiery spirit with tender melancholy.
The four band members - bassist Joe, singer Larissa, violinist and dancer Sabina and guitarist and mandolinist Maxim - are musical personalities of wide and varied experience. In their gypsy songs they tell of the irrepressible love for living, freedom, melancholy and the depth of soul of the Russian Roma and the German Sinti. The lyrics are in part Russian, in part Romany - a gypsy language descended from Sanskrit.

The bands stirring music is characterised by a deep love of Russian gypsy music and is, at the same time, a symbol for the centuries-old and enduring sense of community shared by all living gypsy families.

Dresden State Theatre (small house)
Russian regional television, Ryazan
Jazz Festival Montroux
Northsea Jazz Festival / The Hague
Folkorefestival Oberwiesental
Concert with Karel Gott / Prague
Town Hall / Schoenberg
Town Hall / Münster
Dominican church / cathedral
Hochstädter Church Concerts
Burg Waldeck
Marienthal monastery ruins
Trinkkurhalle / Timmendorfer beach
Mercedes Benz