Royal Fantasy Spectacle

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Royal Fantasy Spectacle
Reasons to book this Variety Show
  • Grand scale theatrical and musical roaming street performance and aerial spectacle that will blow you away

  • Show includes three individual parades followed by a majestic aerial show with music, dancing, acrobatics and much more

  • Over 55 performers and local volunteers provide a variety show nearly two hours long

  • Ideal for night time occasions in large outdoor spaces, festivals, grand estates and city centres

  • Based near Lyon, in France, and available all around Europe

Royal Fantasy Spectacle videos

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The Royal Fantasy Spectacle is a grand scale, all-inclusive urban theatre performance that takes place on both ground level and up in the sky. Over the period of nearly two hours, over 55 fantasy-like performers entertain your guests with a mixture of a musical street parade, acrobatics, walkabout entertainment, an aerial spectacle, story-telling and a lot more.  

This variety show is best for large outdoor spaces, festivals, grand estates and city centres and increasingly visually impactful at night time. The larger the audience, the bigger the impact the Royal Fantasy Spectacle will have. It is suitable for all audiences and can be enjoyed by all ages.

It comes from the depths of a very creative imagination and the fantasy spectacle is like experiencing a dream but in real life. Weird and wonderful walkabout characters and bizarre floats dominate your event area and plunge the spectators into an immersive experience like no other.

The Royal Fantasy Spectacle begins with three separate street parades, each one features two fantasy, unique floats accompanied by a variety of costumed performers in a wild range of themes. Amongst the street parades are walkabout drummers and friendly characters who engage with members of the audience in a type of unforgettable urban theatre.

The centre piece of the fantasy variety show is the totally incredible and one of a kind aerial podium. This completely bespoke creation resembles a giant version of a mobile you would put over a baby’s crib. A system of pulleys enables arms of the prop to go up and down with various characters, musicians and acrobats attached and dangling over the crowds as live musicians play underneath.

Based near Lyon in the South West of France the Royal Fantasy Spectacle can travel to any location within driving distance and can bring a sense of magic, mystery and fantasy to you event. If you would like to book this totally astounding variety show, please contact our team of Entertainment Coordinators