Roman Gladiator Show

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Roman Gladiator Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible gladiator show brings the excitement and action of the Roman colosseum to your event.

  • Gladiators take part in nail biting fights and stunts using authentic weapons and armour.

  • Sensational knights tournament features action packed and surprising storyline to draw audiences into the world of the roman circus.

  • The only act in all of Spain to offer exhilarating, jaw-dropping chariot races!

  • Medieval entertainment to suit any event, festival or fair available across Spain.

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Our incredible gladiator show brings you all the thrills, action and excitement of a full roman gladiator tournament. Turn your event into a full-fledged roman colosseum with our incredible fighting gladiators. Featuring the best medieval entertainment in the realm, our amazing act offers a variety of shows to suit events, festivals and fairs of any theme and scale. Audiences will be thrilled as our ultra-realistic knights tournament recreates ancient hand to hand combat before their eyes. Not only that but our incredible gladiator show is the only show in Spain to offer nail-biting chariot races! This all-encompassing gladiator show is a must-have for any medieval or Roman themed event and is certain to give your guests a never before seen experience.

This amazing gladiator show recreates the intensity and nail-biting action of ancient knight tournaments through authentic costumes, daring fight choreography and cinematic storylines and scripting. Audiences will be drawn into a world of duelling heroes, brave stunts and spectacular races, all brought to life with the highest level of care and detail. Our medieval entertainment show features a full storyline packed with intrigue, excitement and plenty of surprises. Audiences will feel like they’re on the set of classic movies like Gladiator or Ben-Hur. Our incredible gladiators will compete in vicious combat for glory and honour while exhilarating horseback stunts and chariot races promise to give your audience a thrill they won’t find anywhere else. Whatever the size or scope of your event, medieval entertainment never looked this good. 

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