Rola-Bola Performer

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Rola-Bola Performer
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A leading rola-bola artist, this quirky balance act takes acrobatics to a new level with a clever prop

  • Contrasting precise actions with the seeming unpredictability of the role-bola, this unique act captivates audiences

  • Whether you are looking for a street performance, shopping mall entertainment or gala show, this act is perfect

  • Our acrobat has performed for the likes of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Telecom

  • Hire Rola-Bola Performer for events in Germany and internationally

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Meet a talented acrobat with a penchant for balancing. A professional circus artist with many years of performance experience, this entertainer is one of the world’s leading Rola-Bola Performers. Taking his balance act to street performances, corporate functions and galas across the globe, our circus artist is renowned for the the control and craftsmanship of his unique act. Available to hire from top agency Scarlett Entertainment, this rola-bola show is guaranteed to have guests on the edges of their seats.

Never heard of the rola-bola? Get ready to discover a revolutionary circus prop! Originating in ancient China, the art of rola-bola performance combines the volatility of a circus prop that seems to be completely impossible to balance with the skill of the artist maintaining their posture using precise movements. Offering the acrobat the ability to build ever taller towers of tubes and boards, the balance act becomes more and more nail-biting as the artist teeters on ever more incredible edifices. Not an easy technique to master, the art of the rola-bola is so difficult, many circus performers fail to achieve the skill to take the prop to a professional level.

One of the world’s leading role-bola artists, our charismatic acrobat demonstrates incredible poise as he performs his unique act. A popular street performance or after dinner show, this act has been booked by many high profile clients including BMW, Mercedes and Telecom. Certain to create a buzz whatever the occasion, audiences will love the anticipation and wonderment resulting from this unusual act.

For more information about booking our Rola-Bola Performer for events in Germnay and internationally, don't hesitate to get in touch with Scarlett Entertainment today and our helful team can answer any of the questions that you may have. 

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