Robotic and Laser Show

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Robotic and Laser Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A six foot chrome robot, pulsing LED’s and burning blue vision

  • Walks, spins, twists, even moonwalks!

  • Performs with ‘dual lasers’ to create a spectacular light show

  • Can also provide a 2 hour 'house' music DJ set after the robot show

  • Based in Malta and available to perform at events worldwide

Robotic and Laser Show photos

This Robot is the latest and most unique entertainment concept that has taken the Globe by storm!  A six Foot Chromed Robot, Pulsing LED’s & Burning Blue Vision.  Then comes the amazing, ‘DUAL LASERS!!

The Robot Can, Walk, Spin, Twist, even Moonwalk!

This Robot has the characteristics of being menacing, even frightening but once he lights up the stage and dances to his music, his 'Alter ego' comes out.  The Laser show the robot can produce by just a wave of his arm will have your guests enthralled and cheering for more.  The robot begins his show with a soft start and a crescendo ending, that coupled with pyrotechnics can make an ordinary event into an extravaganza.

Events he has previously appeared at have spanned almost every possible genre including, Large Arena’s & Outdoor events, Product launches, Celebrity parties, Trade shows, Music festivals, Nightclubs & Fashion shows.

Stage Show
As the music begins, the Robot's LED lights begin to come on, in time with the music.  The music changes from 'Classical' to ‘Dance’.  Then the Robot performs with its Unique ‘Dual Lasers’ to create a spectacular light show and continues to perform a great dance routine on the stage.

Walks around or near the audience and will stop for people to take photos and film the Robot.  The Robot will shake people’s hands if they wish. 

The Robot is equally at home on stage or on television! From hosting a show to pulling pranks!  This robot can be static so that people think it as a statue.  He may surprise people and a lot of fun can be achieved with catching people out!

*Videos available on request.

To find out more contact our team of Entertainment Specialists.

Just a sample of our previous engagements:
Pure Promotions' Party, MFCC Arena, Malta.
Amr Diab Concert, Dubai.
Samsung 3dTV launch, Oman.
Riedel Communications Corporate event, Australia.
Sander Van Dorn' Concert, Cyprus.
M2' & Muse Clubs, Shanghai, China.
Rumors Club, Boston, USA.

"The future of entertainment"

"Absolutely fantastic performer.  Very well done"
H.R.H Princess Anne - Royal Variety performance, London

"Entertained the thousands of reveler's with his, Laser and light display.  The robotic star's performance has the King's Hall masses wide-mouthed in disbelief and wondering just how a robot was pulling off the perfectly
choreographed moves they were witnessing."
Fame Magazine