Robot Waiter

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Robot Waiter
Reasons to book this robot bartender
  • Sweet humanoid robot waiter makes a thousand different drinks and cocktails and instantly becomes the talking point of any event

  • Guests can choose their drink by selecting in on the robot’s touchscreen and it will be ready in less than a minute!

  • Robot bartender can wear branded shirts and his bar can be customised with your brand’s logo or image

  • Ideal robot bartender for promotional events, drinks receptions, cocktail lounges, private parties, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

  • This Robot Waiter is based in various cities in Spain and available for bookings worldwide

Robot Waiter videos

Robot Waiter photos

Hire robots for events and ensure your special occasion is a memorable one! This Robot Waiter is guaranteed to instantly become the talking point amongst your guests: this special barman is the perfect way to impress your event attends, treat your customers and attract new ones!

Our robot bartender quickly grabs the attention of both children and adults with his big eyes, his sweet looks and his friendly personality! He can make a thousand different drinks and cocktails and also offer people beers, wines and other beverages. Fast and accurate, this unique bartender can make a cocktail in less than a minute! All your guests will have to do is choose the drinks they’d like by selecting it on the robot’s touchscreen.

On top of that, our humanoid robot waiter can wear any branded clothing and his bar can be customised with your brand’s logo or any other image.

Also a television guest star, our incredible humanoid robot visited one of Spain’s most popular TV sets: El Hormiguero! This adorable robot bartender has also been the highlight of numerous promotional events held by renowned brands like Media Markt, as you can see in the pictures above.

According to our specialists in robotics, ‘everything a human waiter can do, this robot bartender can do’. Specialised in developing creative and friendly humanoid robots, our team of experts are specialists in robotic technology for events. This multi-award winning team is based in Seville and also works in Madrid, Barcelona, London and Dubai. Our team’s humanoid robot waiter and other robots can be booked for events all over the world.

Suitable for a board range of occasions, our robot bartender is regularly hired for promotional events, corporate occasions, drinks receptions, hotels, cocktail lounges, exhibitions and even weddings! Robotic technology for events is also a popular option for shopping malls, as our robot waiter has the ability to gather a large number of people around him!

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing the latest robotic technology for events and occasions in Spain and all over the world.

Hire robots for events and get people taking about yours for years to come. To book our phenomenal Robot Waiter, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Coordinators. They will be more than happy to provide further details on different types of robotic technology for events and will assist you in the booking process.