Roaming Troll

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Roaming Troll
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An amazing walking, talking, remote controlled animatronic troll

  • Amazingly lifelike troll character measures a colossal 9ft tall & 7ft wide

  • Can be accompanied by additional unique characters & fire performers

  • Perfect for festivals, fantasy themed events & expos, street parades & more

  • Book our roaming troll for events in Birmingham, the UK & worldwide

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If you’re looking for a fantasy themed character that will really make a lasting impression at your next event, book our amazing roaming troll character!

The world’s only walking, talking animatronic troll this fantasy character will have guests looking twice he’s so realistic! Measuring in at a huge 9ft tall and 7ft wide our walkabout troll strikes an imposing figure and is guaranteed to draw a lot of attention at any event.

Made by professionals using the very latest skin replication techniques, high-tech remote controlled programming and impressive costume design; our roving fantasy character looks really amazing. Clad in specially commissioned armour and full armed he is one badass monster! His remote control moving head, blinking eyes, frowning forehead and moving lips - which are synced up to a performer’s headset microphone - make this fantasy troll almost as good as the real thing as he can interact with crowds and event attendees.

If you wanted to create even more of stir and a spectacle, our roaming troll can be accompanied by fire performers, professional dancers in costume, and additional unique characters carrying on the fantasy theme.

Book our animatronic troll for festivals in the UK and abroad, as well as fantasy expos and themed events and much more.