Roaming SteamPunk Group

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Roaming SteamPunk Group
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Unique & intricate costume characters, brilliant props, and charismatic personalities.

  • Unbelievably fun stilt acts that will bring your event to life.

  • Expert roaming characters for an engaging, unforgettable experience.

  • Hire stilt walkers for your next event to create endless conversation topics.

  • Book interactive entertainment for events across the UK and worldwide.

Roaming SteamPunk Group photos

Whether they're on stilts or on the ground, our Roaming Steampunk Group will invoke memories of wonder and joy as guests marvel at the towering costume characters. Managing to impress wherever they perform, our roaming characters will keep guests mystified as they roam about your event creating the perfect atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Providing the best in interactive entertainment our stilt acts are dedicated to your event and will come prepared to bring smiles and fantastic high-energy personalities. These stilt walkers have already captivated guests across the globe and are currently taking the club and festival scene by storm, performing every chance they get, these stilt walkers are highly trained in performance art and provide the best in roaming characters.

This one of a kind engaging entertainment includes an endless concave of photo opportunities and general meet and greets as our stilt crew roam throughout your event. Our fantastically crafted costumes were made to captivate, encapsulate imagination, and provide endless hours of conversation among those in attendance and include well-structured wings, top hats, gold rimmed goggles, and a number of various props that can be tweaked to fit right within whatever theme or vision you might have planned for your upcoming event or gathering. Our world class interactive entertainment can either be booked by itself or with various other stilt walking characters to fully fill the room with unique characters and various walkaround characters.

Scarlett Entertainment is dedicated to bringing you the best stilt walking acts around the world and are always looking to make events unforgettable for years to come. If you're interested in booking our futuristic entertainment, contact one of the lovely Scarlett Entertainment event specialists who will further answer any questions you might have about finalising your entertainment choice for your next event or gathering.