Roaming Seahorse Soldiers

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Roaming Seahorse Soldiers
Reasons to book this Walkabout Act
  • Fascinating under the sea themed walkabout act with soldiers riding giant seahorses

  • Innovative mobile seahorses made using segways are one of a kind

  • Resembles a cross between Neptune, Spartacus and Ben Hur

  • Perfect for fantasy, sea themed and outdoor events

  • Based in Rotterdam and available for events all over Europe

Roaming Seahorse Soldiers videos

Roaming Seahorse Soldiers photos

Coming from the deepest depths of a fantasy ocean world, our Roaming Seahorse Soldiers are an extravagant walkabout act like you have never seen before. Resembling a cross between, the god of the sea, Neptune, Spartacus and Ben Hur, the seashore riding crusaders’ only mission is to bring fun to audiences worldwide. This visually captivating sea themed act is like a deep sea version of Roman chariots.

Based in Rotterdam, the Roaming Seahorse Soldiers is a fascinating attraction guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. Not only do the two soldier characters have excellent themed costumes but the roaming seahorse are totally incredible. Very cleverly constructed on segweys, the big orange seahorses have perfect mobility on flat open spaces and can very easily travel from one spot to another. 

This sea themed walkabout act is an interactive entertainment option that your guests will not forget. You will find the Roaming Seahorse Soldiers mingling with strangers, interacting with children and posing for photos. They like to be a bit cheeky and will quite often joke around with guests. 

Suitable for indoor or outdoor events, the aquatic walkabout act is an excellent choice for under the seat themed events or any special occasion that has a fantasy or fairytale theme. The Roaming Seahorse Soldiers are perfect for making a scene, therefore, a great choice for any situation requiring audiences' attention. 

To book this sea themed interactive entertainment, please contact our specialists at Scarlett Entertainment.