Roaming Cloud Couple

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Roaming Cloud Couple
Reasons to book this Living Art
  • The amazing roaming cloud couple will fascinate all audiences

  • Incredible costumes based on surrealist artist Rene Magritte

  • Amazing for themed events or as a head-turner

  • Favourites at Glastonbury Festival and events all over the world

  • Based in Australia and available for international events

Roaming Cloud Couple videos

Roaming Cloud Couple photos

The utterly amazing roaming cloud couple will bring a little joy wherever they go, captivating audiences with their unusual persona and stand out as living art pieces mingling with the crowd. The magnificent roaming cloud couple are mild mannered gentlemen, interactive entertainment and the ultimate show stopping walkabout characters that will have people queuing up to have their photos taken with them.

The living art walkabout characters are inspired by, and pay homage to, the well known Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte. The superbly amazing outfits incorporate the artist's signature elements - the Businessman, the Umbrella, the Apple and the magnificent blue sky and perfect clouds. This makes the roaming act a fantasy-like walking work of art.

The wonderful roaming cloud couple are a truly magical and edgy walking work of art that has heads turning and really stands out in a crowd. This visually captivating interactive entertainment engages with audience members whilst peacefully promenading around an event. The living art walkabout characters politely greet guests by doffing their hats which also makes them an excellent choice for meet and greet entertainment.

Booking the walking work of art roaming cloud couple for an evening or night time event means you get the added bonus of the in-built lights inside the umbrella. This ensures that the living art is illuminated in even the darkest conditions and will never go unnoticed. 

Top Tip

These walkabout performers have many other fascinating costumes that can be booked for your event.
These are:

If you're after interactive entertainment from fascinating walkabout characters suitable for all kinds of entertainment, indoor or outdoor, day time or night time, then contact us to book the amazing roaming cloud couple to bring living art to you.