Roaming Beefeaters

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Roaming Beefeaters
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A patriotic stilt act that leave guests smiling.

  • Exceptional beefeater stilt walkers will keep guests energised and talking.

  • Audience favourite costume characters at various art festivals.

  • Hire walkabout entertainment for your next street parade, festival, corporate event, and more.

  • Book our fantastically hilarious stilt walkers for events across the UK and worldwide.

Roaming Beefeaters photos

Whether you want your event to feature unique walkabout entertainment or you're planning on celebrating your patriotism, our one of a kind roaming characters will surely fit the bill. Our fun interactive entertainment will surely have guests talking throughout the day as they come into contact with our stilt walking friends. Providing endless photo opportunities, our fantastic costume characters will keep your guests engaged and smiling as our stilt walkers quickly become a towering spectacle. Specializing in fun and performance art, our Beefeaters stilt act has been featured throughout multiple art festivals and are always a guest favourite.    

Incredibly eye-catching, and brilliantly hilarious, our stilt act is bound to be the highlight of your event or gathering. Our fantastic roaming beefeaters are available by themselves or you can book them with a number of other Scarlett Entertainment acts to truly create an amusing and whimsical day of laughter and joy. A roaming act that is also no stranger to being spotlighted on stage, these Beefeater stilt walkers will get on stage and do everything in their power to get the crowd to feel their high-energy personalities. Our roaming act is perfect for festivals, corporate events, private parties, street parades, and a number of other events. These experienced stilt walkers can fit into any theme or vision you might have for your upcoming event or gathering and will gladly keep your guests entertained throughout the day.  

Scarlett Entertainment is bringing world-class walkabout entertainment to feed smiles to guests and laughs to all ages as our roaming characters are highly skilled in performing arts and are dedicated to being the life of any event. If you're interested in booking our exceptional beefeaters for your upcoming event, I suggest getting in contact with any of our great event specialists who are more than happy to answer your booking questions.