Regal Burlesque Comedy Act

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Regal Burlesque Comedy Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I and Kate Middleton like you have never seen them before

  • Stage comedy burlesque show and walkabout act performed by a sassy roaming burlesque performer

  • A show that combines high doses of humour, sensuality and audience’s participation

  • Burlesque entertainer has performed along with Mel C (Spice Girls) and other recognised artists

  • This Regal Burlesque Comedy Act is available for bookings in London, the UK and around the world

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This Regal Burlesque Comedy Act is the type of entertainment that will raise the temperature in the room. A comedy burlesque show that combines humour with stunning costumes, this performance will show some royals like you’ve never seen them before!

Our roaming burlesque performer offers three different comedy burlesque shows you can choose from:

Marie Antoniette: dressed in a stunning 18th century gown with a big white wig and a cheeky smile, our burlesque dancer will surprise audiences with this fusion of naughtiness and comedy. Sumptuous and outrageous, our roaming burlesque performer will jump off the stage and interact with guests. She will tease them and encourage them to join the fun by clapping and dancing.

Queen Elizabeth I: our sassy dancer will destroy the myth of the ‘Virgin Queen’ by performing a sensual dance to the rhythm of ‘Like a Virgin’ by Madonna.  

Kate Middleton: a nowadays royal is also part of this comedy burlesque show. Prince William can join the Duchess of Cambridge in an act that is the perfect combination of humour and audience’s participation.

This walkabout burlesque act has been widely applauded at a charity gala show at The Groucho Club in London. On this occasion, the show includes a performance from Mel C (Spice Girls) and other recognised artists.

Top Tip:

This versatile artist also offers stage shows and walkabout acts dresses as Cruella de Ville, the Snow Queen or Satine. Check her Themed Burlesque Dancer page and find out more about this option.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of stage and walkabout burlesque acts for events and occasions in London and all over the world.

Book this Regal Burlesque Comedy Act by contacting our in-house team of Entertainment Experts today and making and enquiry. They will be delighted to provide further details on this roaming burlesque performer and her comedy burlesque show and assist you in the booking process.