Red Demon Character

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Red Demon Character
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An enigmatic stilt walker that's sure to frighten and enchant guests with his unique posture and make up.

  • Innovative costumes and technology come together to fill your event with dreadful interactive entertainment.

  • A chilling, mystifying, and wondrous beast, our roaming characters will send chills throughout guests.

  • Hire stilt artist for a one of a kind, ghastly and ghoulish experience perfect for club nights, festivals, and more.

  • Book scary themed performers ready to scare and amaze guests for events across the UK and worldwide.

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Scarlett Entertainment UK are delighted to bring you the best in roaming characters. Our fantastically ghoulish, lifelike Red Demon Character will have your guests looking on in terror. Our scary themed performers are causing a stir within the performance arts community with this amazingly crafted beast. Our costume characters provide the latest in Digilegs technology that's combined with the best in costume props and make up to fully engulf any event into pure darkness once our fantastic stilt artist steps onto the floor. Our stilt walker has years of experience and will fully interact with all guests to make sure everyone in attendance gets the full experience.

Our Red Demon Character has film grade details including ungula hooves that are built into the amazing Digilegs technology. These marvelling stilt walking apparatuses are then combined with resin horns and an incredibly breath taking foam latex skin that's dripped over our artist. The full effect of our demonic entity is truly something else and will help fill in any terrifyingly fun theme you can come up with. Our fantasy creature provides one of a kind photo opportunities so guests an immortalise their day with the devil.

Our Red Demon Character can be paired up with other walkabout acts attached to the Scarlett Entertainment roster to further help customise your experience. However, keep in mind that our demon will need a dressing room so a small team can apply the costume to our artist which can take over 2 hours. Our larger than life demonic friend as already begun to take the festival scene by storm and will be the perfect interactive entertainment for your next gala dinner, private party, club nights, festival, and much more.

If you're interested in booking our Red Demon Character for your next event, contact our Scarlett Entertainment specialists as soon as possible to begin finalizsing your entertainment booking.