Recycled Material Art Show

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Recycled Material Art Show
Reasons to book this event street artist
  • Amaze guests with vibrant street art made entirely from recycled products

  • Able to perform live or pre-make art, our graffiti artist is ideal for shop openings and product launches

  • The urban art can feature everything from parrots, racoons and storks to your product or branding

  • An eye catching marketing tool, these 3D creations are beautiful and environmentally friendly

  • Based in Lisbon, Portugal and available to perform at events worldwide

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A sustainable and striking form of live event art, Scarlett Entertainment UK's recycled material artist creates his 3 dimensional pieces using only discarded items and spray paints.

With environmental concerns proliferating the world over, this street artist has never been more relevant. Drawing attention to the beauty that can be found in items often considered 'rubbish', our creative entertainer aims to transform the way that we perceive the different objects that cohabit the world alongside humans.

Using abandoned materials like metal, plastic, fibre glass, tube and fabric, our graffiti artist produces a menagerie of spectacular creatures such as toucans, racoons and parrots. A flexible creator, Scarlett Entertainment's eco artisan can incorporate any image or branding into his work and create his mural like graffiti on any specified surface. 

Perfect for product launches, shop openings, festivals and promotional opportunities, you can hire our Recycled Material Art Show to be created live at your event. Alternatively, book our sustainable artist to work prior to the occasion, transforming any mundane venue into something completely unique. For more information about the technical requirements of hiring this strew artist, speak to our event experts at Scarlett Entertainment Portugal today.

Top Tip!
Able to cater to spaces big or small, our spray paint artist can convert everything from your dustbins to your entire venue into a piece of interactive artwork.

To find out more about how to book this act for your event contact  our team of Entertainment Specialists.