Record-Breaker Rower Roz Savage

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Record-Breaker Rower Roz Savage
Reasons to book this Speaker
  • Roz Savage MBE is a British ocean rower, environmental campaigner, world record holder and keynote speaker

  • The first woman to row across three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean

  • A motivational speaker who uses her ocean rowing adventures to inspire action towards key environmental issues

  • An experienced speaker who has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people all over the world has spoken at the TED conference

  • Based in the UK and available for worldwide bookings

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Roz Savage, MBE, is a British environmental campaigner, ocean rower and keynote speaker who currently holds four world records for the first woman to row across three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. A female rower and motivation speaker who draws on her personal experiences to inform her keynote speeches and inspire audiences.

Having rowed over 15,000 miles, enduring over 5 million oar strokes and spending cumulatively over 500 days of her life out on the ocean in a 23-foot rowboat, Roz Savage uses her experiences on the open sea to help stimulate attention to the wider environmental issues facing the world. 

During her expedition across three oceans Roz encountered capsizing, 20-feet waves, dehydration, whales, sharks and fatigue. From this Roz Savage has become an inspirational woman and in 2010 was named Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic before being named a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. 

An extraordinary female rower who was forced to develop strength, tenacity, endurance and courage has become a remarkable woman who has gone onto tell her story to tens of thousands of people across the world – speaking at the UK Royal Geographical Society, the US National Geographic Society, TED and the Vail Symposium. Not only that but Roz’s incredible journey has sparked the interest of media giants such as CBS, ESPN, NPR, BBC, New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post and many more media broadcasters, newspapers and magazines. Roz has also been listed amongst the Top 20 Great British Adventurers by the Daily Telegraph. 

The author of two inspirational books, Roz has shared her life and her experiences with readers and listeners all over the world – reflecting on her hardships as well as victories to provide truly inspiring and motivational books to share her wisdom with the wider population.

A brilliant keynote and motivational speaker who helps audiences believe in the possibility and need for personal transformation creating powerful visions of the future as well as helping aid inner strength and build self esteem to turn those visions into a reality.

Having earned a Law degree at Oxford University, Roz spent the first 11 years of her career working as a management consultant, one radical career change later and she now stands as the first woman to row across three oceans, with an MBE and two inspirational books. Roz uses her transformation and expertise in motivation and demotivation, knowing how to tackle overwhelming and daunting challenges and how to manage our minds to achieve maximum effectiveness to drive her keynote speeches and inspire and help others.

Our motivational speaker is extremely effective for helping your staff to develop greater self-awareness, improve their ability to deal with challenging situations and how to stay calm in moments of stress and uncertainty. With experience and knowledge of the principles from psychology, neuroscience and leadership theory our keynote speaker can be booked for the following speaking themes:

•    Leadership
•    Resilience
•    Decision-Making
•    Motivation 
•    Mind Management
•    Success
•    Self-Esteem
•    Sustainability

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National Geographic
The Royal Geographical Society

and many more...

"Roz’s message is so grounded in reality, presented calmly and clearly, and based on truth. It is refreshing, and opened my eyes in a way others have not"
"An outstanding success, so much so that every member present stood up in unison to honor her with resounding applause. Her talk was fluent, friendly, self-assured… Stupendously informative and spiritually uplifting"
"You have created a buzz in our community and set a lot of minds, (young and old) in motion to create their own personal challenges, as well as ways that they can push the limits of human perception"
"Professional, witty and compelling… a polished speaker who connects with her audience"
"A captive audience of 400 adolescent boys is a very hard sell, but Roz connected in a way that most public speakers only aspire to. Of course the story itself (and the video footage) was riveting, and her solo crossing was an extraordinary achievement, but it was Roz’ warmth, humor, accessibility and authenticity that captured our hearts. When Roz drove away in her little yellow truck, she left behind an energized and inspired community."
"One of the most motivational stories of our time… We were extremely pleased with how the younger audience responded to her lecture with enthusiasm and imagination. Her way of engaging an audience to share in her remarkable experience exemplifies the true essence of her voyage – an absolute inspiration!"