Rangoli Art

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Rangoli Art
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A popular Indian art form, Rangoli once consists only of geometrical religious symbols but has developed into a diverse, multi-faceted craft

  • Able to depict people, patterns, gods, scenes, nature & much more, our talented Rangoli artists can custom make art for your event

  • Using coloured powders to create their traditional art, our event artists have been hired to create work all over the world

  • Perfect for your event, leading onto dance floors, or as a spectacular focal point, this unique street art is eye-catching & vibrant

  • Book our Rangoli Art group for events in Vadodara, India & worldwide

Rangoli Art photos

Scarlett Entertainment are provide to represent an exciting and diverse variety of acts, based in locations all over the world. Whether you are looking for eye catching art installations or lively entertainers, our team of dedicated sales people will work with you to ensure they provide the perfect solution for your special occasion. Celebrating an ancient Indian art form, our Rangoli artists have been booked to provide their colourful designs for venues and events all over the world. From a talented team of event artists, this vibrant street art will attract the attention of guests at your special occasion and create a beautiful talking point. Book Rangoli Art from Scarlett Entertainment for events in India and worldwide.

Derived from the words “rang” and “aavali” meaning row of colours, Rangoli art is a form of art once defined by geometric patterns and religious symbolism. Having evolved alongside modern India, this beautiful form of cultural art is now a varied and 3-dimensional art form. Using grains, lentils, flowers, rice flour and coloured powders to create their vibrant pavement dyes, our talented artists produce highly realistic work. 

Examples of subjects that our Rangoli artists can depict:
- Patterns
- People
- Celebrities
- Gods
- Buildings
- Scenes
- Flowers
- Magical creatures
& much more

Our experienced event artists have worked with high profile clients including sports persons and television personalities for events within India and in international locations like Dubai andNew Zealand. Providing a totally bespoke service for clients, any image of your choosing can been depicted in beautiful Rangoli art style. Able to adapt the size, materials and colours of their work, we can make your Rangoli personal to you.

Perfect for attracting attendees to a focal point at your event, our spectacular art can meet guests as the arrive at your venue, draw people onto the dance floor or create a central image of the bride and groom on their wedding day. Bringing a stunning traditional art form to a 21st century audience, this street art is the perfect combination of old technique and new ideas. For more information about hiring Rangoli Art for your event, please speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.