Racing Car Simulator

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Racing Car Simulator
Reasons to book this Racing Car Simulator
  • Amazing virtual reality driving experience and thrilling interactive activity

  • Choice of full or half size Formula 1 car or simply the seat and screen

  • Outstanding team building activity for bonding exercises

  • Can be fully customised with company branding and logos

  • Based in Burton upon Trent and available for events internationally

Racing Car Simulator videos

Racing Car Simulator photos

Let your guests experience a the thrill and excitement of racing around a track and competing with each other with our amazing racing car simulator. Available in various formats, the modern and immersive virtual reality driving experience is a powerful marketing tool, team building activity and attention grabbing digital entertainment options for a wide range of events.

Available as a full size Formula 1 car simulator complete with tyres, half size with just the front of the car or simply as Formula 1 car or GT style seats it gives your guests the opportunity to compete in head to head competitive racing challenges either with the full experience of being inside a proper cockpit or the thrill of being in the driving seat. Either way, the design of the simulators is of the highest standard and incredibly well engineered to deliver a top of the range virtual reality driving experience. 

Each of the racing car simulators is linked to each other to record timed laps and to give a more realistic racing feel. Participants can actually compete agains each other and the Formula 1 car simulator can also include a winner’s podium, checkered flags and a trophy winner. This options is an excellent team building activity that will have the whole team engage with each other

The virtual reality driving experience is a highly customisable digital entertainment option and a powerful marketing tool. The Formula 1 car simulator right down to the seat podium can be branded and customised from logo placement to wrap of seat or whole car and base and it can even include in-game branding. 

The racing car simulator can be booked as a full or half car can either have one or three 42" screens each and a spectator screen for the audience to see how the participants are getting along.

Get in touch with our team of entertainment specilaists to book this amazing digital entertainment.