Queens Guard Stilt Walkers

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Queens Guards Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this walkabout act
  • A head turning act, our royal mix and mingle entertainment is sure to cause a stir!

  • Friendly stilt artists will happily post for photos, shake hands, and stand to attention as they welcome guests

  • Fantastic walkabout act for tourists in their distinctive red coats and tall bearskin hats

  • Interactive walkabout act perfect for British-themed entertainment or royal event, festivals, fetes, product launches, and more

  • Based in Manchester, UK, our Queens Guard Stilt Walkers are available for international bookings

Queens Guard Stilt Walkers photos

With their distinctive red coats and tall black bearskin hats, our Queens Guard Stilt Walkers are the ultimate royal mix and mingle entertainment for a whole host of events.

Dressed in their debonair attire of red jackets, spotless black boots and gold shiny buttons, this head-turning walkabout act is perfect for creating an air of iconic Britishness in any event setting. 

Brits and tourists alike will delight in meeting these larger than life characters, who, unlike the real deal, will happily pose for photos, shake hands and interact with guests. 

Have our British-themed entertainment duo stand to attention at the entrance of your event to welcome guests and set a royal tone. The perfect meet and greet act, our British-themed entertainment duo will put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Towering high above any crowd, our royal mix and mingle entertainment will create a fabulous eye-catching photo opportunity as well as being a hugely entertaining walkabout act. Watch as they stride smartly across fete lawns, pick their way through festival crowds, and amuse guests at any themed event or grand opening. 

Just like the queen’s real foot guards, our stilt artists will march and strut about your event on their long legs creating fun wherever they go.

Fantastic British-themed entertainment, our stilt artists are the perfect choice for any themed event, festivals, fetes, royal celebrations, product launches, trade shows and much, much more. 

Top Tip: 

Our Queens Guard Stilt Walkers can be performed by either male or female performers.

Discover more of our fantastic British-themed entertainment for iconic walkabout acts, stilt artists, shows, dancers, lookalikes, comedians and more!

To book our fabulous Queens Guard Stilt Walkers for a wonderfully royal mix and mingle entertainment, get in touch with our team of entertainment experts who will be happy to advise. 

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"The whole Royal Variety team would like to pass on our sincerest thanks to you for taking part in this year’s show. It was lovely to meet you all; you were all such a pleasure to deal with over the weekend, you guys did an amazing job!"

Colin Farquhar, ITV