Projection Screen Aerial Piano

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Projection Screen Aerial Piano
Reasons to book this Aerial Piano
  • Screen projected aerial piano takes unusual music entertainment to new heights

  • The custom made grand piano is hung vertically with video images projected on it

  • All video projections are fully customisable and can include any content the client chooses

  • Multiple event and performance options including an additional aerial acrobat

  • Based in Madrid, Spain and available for events all over the world

Projection Screen Aerial Piano videos

Projection Screen Aerial Piano photos

Our incredible Projection Screen Aerial Piano takes unusual music entertainment to new heights. This fascinating attraction is an unbelievable multimedia performance with a suspended grand piano that hangs vertically above the crowd. The visually striking aerial piano is custom built with a screen to host any kinds of projections as the aerial pianist plays live. 

Hanging around six metres off the ground, the Projection Screen Aerial Piano is a totally unusual music entertainment concept that creates a unique experience for the spectators. Your guests will have never seen a piano show like this ever before and are sure to remember this event for a long time. The innovative multimedia performance can be booked for anything from a city festival to a corporate event. The aerial pianist also has a great option to hang by a large Christmas tree for any festive celebration. 

The Projection Screen Aerial Piano has a variety of performance options. The most simple is just the aerial piano, pianist and projections. Another is to add in a wonderful dancing aerial acrobat who emerges out of the piano itself. At a designated point during the multimedia performance, the projections stop and the piano body becomes transparent to reveal a dancer inside. She emerges out as animations begin again and performs an aerial dance in and around the floating piano. 

The Projection Screen Aerial Piano show can feature fully customised visuals and will be completely tailored to the clients' specifics. Brands can use this multimedia performance to showcase their logos or event new products, businesses can choose to show the story of the company and private clients can run wild with imaginative ideas. 

The above videos and photo should give you an idea of what the aerial pianist and his unique instrument is capable of but if you would like to find out more or book this unusual music entertainment for your event, please contact us