Professional Ballroom Dancers

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Professional Ballroom Dancers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Wonderful ballroom dancers provide elegant and professional dance routines for all events.

  • Talented Latin dancers perform with sophistication and grace, captivating your guests.

  • Phenomenal live dance show featuring the Viennese Waltz, tango, jive, and foxtrot.

  • Ideal professional dancers for private parties, gala dinners, receptions, ceremonies, and more.

  • Book dance themed entertainment for events across the UK and worldwide.

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Our highly talented and professional ballroom dancers will create a fun and elegant live dance show for your upcoming special occasion, mesmerizing guests with their exceptional and sophisticated dance routines. Our wonderful Latin dancers are skilled professional dancers who feature their wealth of performance experience throughout each event they happen to perform at, creating a beautiful and amazing atmospheric experience built around the unity of dance. Your guests will love our dance themed entertainment experience as they are transported to a beautiful canvas being painted by our dancers' elegant routines.

Showcasing their unique prowess when it comes to choreographed ballroom dancing, our talented ballroom dancers perform using musical rhythms, enriching events with extremely vibrant, glamorous, and sensational dance routines that will help our live dance show win over your guests no matter their age. Our professional dancers are bound to leave a "wow" factor quality at your event, as the fast paced movements and dedication showcased in our live dance show will turn heads. Our highly skilled Latin dancers always working to improve, are the ideal dance themed entertainment to keep your guests' attention.

Gliding effortlessly around the floor of your venue, our beautiful costumed dancers will perform a modern twist on the romantic and elegant Viennese Waltz, or supply your special engagement with a fiery tango, jive, or foxtrot! A sensational live dance show that offers a variety of different set times, including a set that maxes out at around 10 minutes, and a set that features three 20 minute roaming sets, or you can mix both options to further create amazing dance fusion for your event. The perfect dance themed entertainment experience for private parties, receptions, festivals, gala dinners, and so much more.

If you are interested in hiring our amazing and talented ballroom dancers for your special occasion, contact any of our phenomenal Scarlett Entertainment team of experts who are standing by to guide you through our booking process and answer any of your questions.