Portable Food Stands

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Portable Food Stands
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Bring mouth watering snacks and treats to your event with our delicious food stands

  • Classic hot dog stands are a welcome sight at any event and can serve up 100 hot dogs per hour!

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious popcorn machines

  • Guests have enjoyed our delicious hot dogs at events for BMW, Audi, Harley Davidson, Holiday Inn and many more

  • Fantastic slush ice machines, crepe stands and many more services available at events around Germany

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Bring some fun and mouth watering treats to your event with our great selection of food stands. Our brilliant stands are perfect for satisfying your guest’s hunger at any kind of event, indoors or outdoors. Guests will love the classic taste of out delicious hot dogs and the other tasty snacks our food stands have on offer. Our classic hot dog stands will make a welcome sight at any event and adults and children alike will go wild for the chance to sink their teeth into one of our freshly made hot dogs.

We also offer a range of tasty treats to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth and keep them refreshed all day long. Our slush ice machine is just the thing for serving cool refreshing slush ice at kids parties, outdoor events, festivals and anywhere thirsty guests will want something fun and fruity to drink. Our popcorn machine is another great choice for giving your guests some freshly made and delicious popcorn to munch on as they enjoy your event. 

Our brilliant range of food stands are perfect for any event in our outdoors, whether it’s a party, fun fair, festival, street fair or birthday. Our hot dog stands come in all shapes and sizes so no venue or event is too small. Our full size hot dog stand can serve up one hundred delicious hot dogs per hour to keep large events well fed, while out pocket size hot dog machine sits on top of any counter or table and is perfect for smaller events or when space is an issue.

Our superb range of sweet stands including popcorn machines, slush ice machines and even crepe stands are ever popular with children and sweet-minded adults and are sure to get plenty of attention at any event. Our food stands are always staffed by our friendly team so you can sit back and relax without the hassle of catering for your guests.

Scarlett entertainment has a huge range of catering services to keep your guests well refreshed at your event.

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