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Pole Dance Artist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A professional pole dance artist & teacher, our experienced performer demonstrates incredible strength and flexibility in her shows

  • Finalist of the Pole Dance Cup 2013 & French Competition 2013 & 14, our talented pole dancer is one of the top in the world

  • Combining acrobatic pole dance with beautiful music, our dancer’s live shows are utterly mesmerising

  • Ideal as an after dinner show or as ambient entertainment for high end events

  • Book Pole Dance Artist for events in France & internationally

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At Scarlett Entertainment we are proud to represent a huge range of entertainment acts, available to wow audiences at events worldwide. This France based Pole Dance Artist is at the top of her field, showcasing unbelievable strength and flexibility in her dynamic live performances. Providing acrobatic pole dance routines for high end events, our gymnastic pole dancer brings emotion and passion into every single show. The idea after dinner show or ambient entertainer, this pole dance act is guaranteed to make audiences’ heads spin.

A professional and talented performer, this pole dancer has taken the world by storm with her incredible strength. Achieving the title of Vice Champion in her first ever competition, our pole artist went on to be named as a finalist in the Competition Pole Dance Cup 2013 in Warsaw and French Competition in 2013 and 14. Also the director of her own pole dance school, our talented performer is a successful businesswoman and teacher. 

Providing acrobatic pole dance shows for classy events, this artist will demonstrate her gymnastic prowess as she takes to the pole. Telling beautiful visual narratives in each show, our pole dancer draws audiences into an emotional story while she performs. Able to tailor her costume, choreography and soundtrack to suit your special occasion, this pole dance act can be customised to cater to a range of event themes. 

Offering full stage shows or beautiful ambient entertainment, this sophisticated entertainment option is ideal for a wide range of events. A captivating after dinner show for corporate functions and galas, guests love being swept away up and away with our dance act. Also a spectacular background entertainment option for drinks evenings and networking events, our pole dancer adds a touch of class to all occasions.

If you have any questions about booking Pole Dance Artist for your event, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.