Poi Illumination Spinning

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Poi Illumination Spinning
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Visual Poi Illumination Spinning provides high-energy entertainment for corporate and private events

  • Includes completely bespoke design with super bright LEDs to capture the entire audience

  • LED act is sure to entertain the clients & guests with hypnotic dance moves and visually stimulating entertainment

  • Illuminate your logo or company branding with stunning LEDs - perfect for corporate entertainment

  • Based in Dubai & available to perform at events worldwide

Poi Illumination Spinning videos

Poi Illumination Spinning photos

Prepare to be amazed with our bespoke LED Poi Performer based in Dubai. 

In a fluid and poetic like motion, these performers spin the LED poi intricately through the air whilst dancing in a hypnotic routine that will captivate audiences from start to finish. 

Perfect for corporate events, laser logo's can be incorporated into the act to create a customised performance especially for your event. This bespoke LED branding has been used to promote major corporate companies such as Coca Cola and YouTube. The unique appearance of light juggling makes this act different to other LED acts on the market, it is truly mesmerising to watch. If LED branding is required, they can spin the poi whilst displaying a logo, with a wide array of over 16 million colours and designs to choose from, this results in a completely bespoke design that illuminates your brand with stunning LED

With charming and uniquely talented performers, this original poi illumination spinning act is sure to impress guests and have them talking about your event for years to come and, in the case of corporate branding, they will find it difficult to forget your company in a hurry.

Based in Dubai, our UAE event specialists here at Scarlett Entertainment will be able to discuss this laser Illumination poi act with you in full. So if you're looking for a bespoke laser show or just a 5 minute high-energy performance we have something here for all of your needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch today to book your private or corporate event entertainment.