Pixel LED Dancers Russia

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Pixel LED Dancers Russia
Reasons to book this Customisable LED Show
  • Unique LED dancers with amazing technologically advanced costumes that are totally out of this world

  • Customisable LED show can include animated LED text on the suits and be tailored to a colour scheme

  • Choice of four to eight performers and custom made stage choreographies

  • Perfect for product launches, corporate shows, opening ceremonies and gala events

  • Based in Saint Petersburg and available for events all over the world

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With our Pixel LED Dancers Russia you might think that extraterrestrial beings have finally landed on earth. These totally unique LED dancers have some of the most original costumes we have seen and the ingenious masks make these pixel dancers look like characters from the future. These fantastic costumes combined with brilliant choreographies results in a very high-calibre light show that is guaranteed to amaze any audience.

Based in Saint Petersburg, these unique LED dancers have devised a truly fantastic and versatile light show that can be applied to a wide variety of events in Russia as well as internationally. The pixel dancers' customisable LED show is a perfect choice for product launches, corporate shows, opening ceremonies and gala events. They make a dramatic impact and guarantee to leave a lasting impression. 

The Pixel LED Dancers Russia have some of the most technologically advanced costumes with hundreds of strategically placed LED light forming pixel grids. All lights about their person can be tailored and programmed to form a unique sequence whether its block colours, specific patterns or even logos. Their high-end customisable LED show is a popular choice because they can display animated LED text on the suits

Our Pixel LED Dancers Russia offer a light show with a choice of four to eight performers. The pixel dancers work with the clients' vision to provide the perfect customisable LED show. They will happily work on custom made stage choreographies and incorporate additional elements such as LED screens and props. 

Contact us if you would like to book the unique pixel dancers for your event.