Pianist and Vocalist Dubai

Live Music And DJ,Covers Singers & Duos
Pianist and Vocalist Dubai
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stunning vocalist & pianist with a number one selling album

  • Her music is inspired by her surroundings and new discoveries

  • Touches people’s hearts with her music and passion

  • Has performed with Sir Elton John, Macy Grey and many more

  • Based in Dubai and available to perform at events worldwide

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With a number one selling album, this classically trained pianist, percussionist and vocalist has become many things to many people, but no matter what category you put her in, she’ll always find some way of getting out of it. Her affinity with the keys as well as percussion has fuelled a fire that has driven her musical direction as well as igniting a passion for vocals.

Taking inspiration from her surroundings and influenced by everyone from Nina Simone, Al Green to Angie Stone and Jill Scott, she takes the colours, shapes and forms surrounding her and transforms them into beautiful musical composition. Pinpointing the beginning of her musical career as a child she vividly remembers being mysteriously drawn from her bed to play the piano in her living room from the tender age of four.

In the process of her continues musical voyage, she touches people’s hearts with her music and reaching levels bigger than the eye can see. She believes escapism, reconnection, emancipation, discovery and all other feelings should come through all of us with everything we love and are passionate about.  The perfect entertainment option for a wide variety of events from weddings, dinner parties, opening shows and corporate events.

Sir Elton John
Roger Sanchez
Sheila Ferguson
Macy Gray 
Kelly Roland 
Formula One
Martin Luther
And many more
Radio Play on:
BBC 1xtra
Radio 1
Radio 1 UAE
Virgin Radio
Radio Scotland