Philippines LED Light Shows

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Philippines LED Light Shows
Reasons to book this Visual Performing Arts
  • Aesthetically pleasing performances with illuminated technology

  • Multi-dextrous LED performers combine dancing, acrobatics and circus skills

  • Fully customisable shows tailored to the client vision

  • Clients include Panasonic, Vivo, Emperor Brandy, Fox, Marlboro and the Asean Summit Gala Dinner

  • Based in Manila, Philippines and available for events throughout Asia

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Based in Manila, in the Philippines, this extraordinary collective of LED performers create stunning LED light shows. The multi-dextrous LED performers have a wide range of skills including acrobatics, juggling, object manipulation, contemporary dance and much more as well as some incredible costumes to fit any occasion. Specialising in visual performing arts, their talents are pretty much unlimited and you can guarantee that the Philippines LED Light Shows will blow your guests away. 

The fully customisable Philippines LED Light Shows can be tailored to suit any event from gala dinners to product launches. The talented LED performers choreograph aesthetically pleasing performances with exciting illuminated technology. Some of their props include LED poi and the fascinating fiberflies that resemble whips. Working regularly with high-end brands, they can have custom HD imagery on their LED poi with branding or logos. 

With skills dedicated to visual performing arts, the LED performers know exactly how to devise LED light shows that make an impression. From solo acts to whole team choreographies, our Philippines LED Light Shows focus on the client needs and deliver a performance that makes the event truly memorable. The LED Light Shows are a perfect opening act or finale spectacle 

Our Philippines LED Light Shows have been involved with some high-profile clients such as Panasonic, Vivo, Emperor Brandy, Fox, Marlboro, Alstra and amazed guests at the Philippine Flow Fest and the ASEAN Summit gala dinner. 

Top Tip:
They also provide object manipulation and fire shows

Speak to our Entertainment Specialists if you would like to book one the Philippines LED Light Shows for your event.