Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo

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Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo
Reasons to book this Acro Dance Duo
  • Fascinating acro dance duo with elegant and highly skilled routine

  • Amazing display of acrobatic skill, strength and contemporary dance

  • Possibility to customise costumes and to include branding

  • Members of wonderful Phare The Cambodian Circus

  • Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia and available for events all over the world

Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo videos

Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo photos

The wonderful, elegant and incredibly impressive Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo will blow audiences away with their unbelievable display of strength, balance and skill all intertwined  in an acrobatic dance routine. This short theatrical contemporary dance routine is an absolute joy to watch and spectators will be in awe of what these two Cambodian circus performers can do. 

Members of the multi-skilled Phare The Cambodian Circus, our acre dance duo have creating a high energy and visually captivating acrobatic dance routine that flows effortlessly and elegantly between hand balance, contortion and dance. The acrobatic dance features in on of Phare The Cambodian Circus’ full stage shows called Khmer Metal but out Cambodian circus performers are available to offer this stunning routine for any event anywhere in the world. 

The Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo is a customisable act that could accommodate branding or logo for product launches or corporate events. The acrobatic dance routine can also impress guests at a private party, gala dinners or VIP event.

The superb Cambodian circus performers are member of the wonderful Phare The Cambodian Circus. This is a school and non-profit organisation in Cambodia that was founded for disadvantaged local youth offering support, education and artistic training resulting in highly trained performers like acro dance duo.

If you're looking to impress you guests with an unusual act or circus entertainment with a twist, then the Phare Circus Acro Dance Duo is a fantastic acrobatic dance that spectators will not be able to take their eyes off. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team of entertainment specialists and they will be more than happy to assist you.