Percussion Show

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Percussion Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A stirring, futuristic and highly energetic drumming performance

  • Exiting crossover performance combining choreography and dance

  • Performers move in perfect tune with the language of the music

  • Demonstrate outstanding stage designs made of 3D light and shadow

  • Based in Vienna and available to perform at events worldwide

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Based in Vienna, Percussion Show is a stirring energetic drumming performance featuring percussion, modern and classical dance and classical vocals.

In an exiting crossover combining choreography and dance, the performers move in perfect tune with the language of the music, light and fire.

The show demonstrates outstanding stage designs made of light and shadow as each performer is dressed in futuristic style costumes, complete with computerised 3D light design, which visualises rhythm and percussion.

Offering explosive performances, perfect for a broad range of events, they promise to deliver innovative hot beats and a contagiously high energy.