Percussion and Dance Troupe

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Percussion and Dance Troupe
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Exciting high energy music and LED lighted dance performance

  • Interesting unique fusion of Samba and modern dance music

  • Perfect for carnival style parties, corporate events, festival celebration

  • Previous clients include the City of London, MASH marketing, Grolsch

  • Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

Percussion and Dance Troupe videos

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Made up of some of London's most innovative and talented artists, this mobile Percussion and Dance Troupe deliver breathtaking and enjoyable performances every single time. They draw from a wide range of musical inspiration including Brazilian Samba and electronic dance music, giving their performances a unique feel of tradition and modern fusion.

One of the strong suits of Percussion and Dance Troupe is their ability to tailor fit performances to the location and feel of a party. Boasting of a wide repertoire of songs and beats plus beautiful costumes, Percussion and Dance Troupe is sure to electrify any event. Their LED light shows coupled with creative choreography will definitely bring passion and energy to any event.

Percussion and Dance Troupe has long been a popular live music act in London, with clients such as Quintessential, The Honest Group, The City of London, National Play Day, Mash Marketing, Grolsch, Bizarre Bazaar, and more.

So if you're looking for an electrifying show that will surely make your event the talk of the town for days to come, Percussion and Dance Troupe is your best bet for entertainment.

The Honest Group
The City of London
National Play Day
MASH Marketing
Bizarre Bazaar
And many more...