Pepper the Robot

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Pepper the Robot
Reasons to book this interactive humanoid robot
  • Friendly and fully interactive humanoid robot regularly used as a facilitator for social interaction

  • Kind and endearing character that brings an element of interaction to any occasion and instantly attracts attention

  • Advanced robot designed with the ability to read emotions and adapt his behaviour accordingly

  • Perfect robotic entertainment for events such as exhibitions, trade shows, themed events, conferences, product and brand launches, etc.

  • Pepper the Robot is available for bookings in Las Vegas, the USA and worldwide

Pepper the Robot photos

A friendly and lovable robot who brings happiness to every guest, Pepper the Robot will become an instant hit as soon as he steps into your event. 

A walking humanoid robot that was launched in Japan in 2014, Pepper is used as a facilitator for social interaction and can be used to welcome guests to events and provide a fun and friendly interaction that is guaranteed to have every attendee smiling from ear to ear. 

A fully interactive humanoid robot and everyday companion with the ability to communicate as well as perceive emotions, Pepper is an extremely kind and endearing character who is the first robot with the ability to recognise principle human emotions as well as adapt his own behaviour accordingly. 

Standing about 120cm tall and with a weight of 28kg, our walking humanoid robot uses sensors to monitor what is going on around him before making decisions. Adding a futuristic touch to any occasion, our interactive event robot will get people talking and sharing the experience on social media for long afterwards.

Ideal for a wide range of occasions, this walking humanoid robot is suitable for a variety of events including exhibitions, trade shows, themed events, conferences, product and brand launches, etc. Whatever the occasion, robotic entertainment is guaranteed to make heads turn and attract everyone’s attention!

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of robotic entertainment for events in Las Vegas, the USA and worldwide.

Enquire about Pepper the Robot by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about this interactive humanoid robot and assist you in the booking process.