Peacock Stilt Walkers

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Peacock Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stunning stilt walkers add a touch of elegance to any event

  • Beautiful bespoke art deco inspired peacock costumes

  • Interactive entertainment that is sure to impress guests

  • Perfect for 1920s & nature themed events, private parties & more

  • Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

Peacock Stilt Walkers photos

These elegant stilt walkers ooze charm and sophistication and will add a touch of glamour and extravagance to any event. Inspired by the art deco movement, their beautiful costumes coloured with rich shimmering blues and greens highlighted with decadent gold create a stunning aesthetic that is sure to impress guests. Complete with detailed headdresses, bracelets and necklaces their costumes make these stilts walkers works of art!

Perfect for 1920s themed events, nature inspired events and India themed parties - the peacock is the national bird of India - they can mix and mingle with guests, pose for photos, hand out drinks and canapés or act as living installations. Incredibly beautiful they will be a hit with guests at your event.