Patsy Ab Fab Lookalike

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Patsy Ab Fab Lookalike
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Remarkable Patsy Stone lookalike and soundalike will delight guests at your event

  • Fantastic interactive entertainment with Joanna Lumley’s beloved Ab Fab character

  • Will mix and mingle with your guests and provide plenty of photo opportunities

  • Ideal for parties, themed occasions, corporate functions, weddings, etc.

  • Impersonator available to hire for events throughout the UK

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With a characteristic ‘Hi Sweetie!’ and the signature blonde beehive, red lipstick, and acid wit, our incredible Patsy Stone impersonator is guaranteed to be the absolute highlight of your event. Providing utterly unforgettable interactive entertainment, this sensational lookalike and soundalike is the spitting image of Joanna Lumley’s beloved ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ character, and will have guests in stitches as she delivers an exceptional portrayal of the chain smoking, Bolly drinking icon of British television.

Fully committed to her character, our fantastic Patsy lookalike understands that being a memorable impersonator takes much more than simply looking the part, and certainly won’t disappoint as she interacts with your guests, entertaining ad-lib and treating innocent onlookers to a string of acerbic comments in true Patsy Stone style! Tailoring her act to suit your occasion, this wonderful Joanna Lumley doppelgänger makes for the perfect icebreaker entertainment.

Mixing and mingling with guests, meeting and greeting, and providing plenty of photo opportunities, our impersonator will amuse and abuse at your event! Perfectly matching the tone and expertly timed delivery of her Ab Fab character’s scathing retorts, this professional celebrity lookalike will have guests running for cover! Always choosing her victims carefully and of course never truly harsh, our Patsy double will cause waves of laughter with one-liners such as "You look fabulous darling, it must be the lighting" and "I love a woman that dresses for comfort”, with men receiving a torrent of flattery from the always bawdy Patsy Stone, with statements such as "You are my kind of man....breathing" guaranteed to have event attendees cracking up.

Able to perform alongside an Edina Monsoon impersonator for the full ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ experience, our Patsy imitator is ideal for themed events, private parties, gala dinners, weddings, corporate events, ceremonies, product launches and more, and is available to hire for events throughout the UK.

Popular with both private and corporate events, celebrity doubles are a great entertainment option. As global specialists, here at Scarlett Entertainment we can provide such acts to perform at occasions all over the world, as well as countless other walkabout performers and plenty more besides. For more information on the interactive entertainment we can supply for your event, contact our co-ordinators today.

"The evening was a great success and you were fantastic Patsy, even the people that were terrified of your acidic quips have not stopped talking about the night, you definitely made a dramatic impact and all our guests, especially the Harvey Nichols girls loved it and loved you. Thank you so much."

Stars, Underlines 

"We have received many compliments on your behalf, the guests were stunned and impressed by your portrayal as 'Patsy' - they actually thought you were the real one."

Concorde, Manchester Airport