Parkour Secret Agents

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Parkour Secret Agents
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Secret agents perform jaw-dropping parkour

  • Customisable show with costumes, time and number of performers

  • Performed for high-end clients and celebrity parties

  • Choose from a range of movie characters and themes

  • Oxford-based act available for international bookings

Parkour Secret Agents photos

Book our movie theme free runners for jaw-dropping corporate entertainment. This acro show sees James Bond and other movie characters performing a comical and stunning parkour act. Will full customisation available, your guests will remember this event for many months after.

The customisation options can be suited to the theme of your party - for example, a James Bond party can have Bond, Bond girls and villains all jumping around your venue. The free runners do a huge range of tricks, including using obstacles, each other and can be combined with acts such as the Custom Aerial Show to really maximise the effect.

The costumes can be customised, as can the number of performers and the specifics of the act itself. Whether you want a dedicated stage show or a roaming act - or both - this act is keen to work with you in order to get it just right. The performers are award-winning circus performers crossing many disciplines, with parkour, aerial acts, hand balance, martial arts and much more in their professional repertoire. 

Obstacles can be provided to diversify the type of stunts that the parkour act is able to perform, but in most cases they are able to use each other. With between one and four secret agents available, the troupe can perform strong-man lifts of each other, hand-balance skills and interaction with guests and the structure of the venue. 

The main stage act can have a pre-fabricated narrative or include a story you have customised with the troupe. The group are also able to include branding ideas that you wish to promote, making them perfect for corporate entertainment and product launches. 

Check out the group’s related acts, such as the Acro Ninja, the Custom Free Runners and the Custom Aerial Show to see how you can combine acts to create the ultimate in acrobatic entertainment.

To book the Parkour Secret Agents, contact our dedicated entertainment professionals today.

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