Parisian Stilt Walkers

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Parisian Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Parisian theme stilt walkers in jaw-dropping costumes

  • Flamboyant Victorian costumes include puffy dresses, corsets, fascinators and top hats

  • Female and male walkabout stilt characters

  • Cheeky and mischievous meet and greet entertainment

  • Brighton-based act available for bookings worldwide

Parisian Stilt Walkers photos

Book our flamboyant Parisian theme stilt walkers for a colourful walkabout act. This roving act features characters from Paris’ most infamous nightspot and will transport guests to the surreal world of Pigalle and create a luxurious environment with their Victorian theme. 

A female stilt walker clad in the layered skirts, corsets and opulently feathered headwear of the Belle Époque is a brilliantly coy character who will traverse your event, mixing and mingling with guests. Her vibrant costume reaches to the floor, over her stilts which put her head and shoulders above the rest of your guests.

The male character dresses in the gentlemanly attire of the day - a black top hat and tails complete with vermillion trim and an outsized cravat and cummerbund. He’ll swagger on stilts among your guests, charming them and increasing the aura of slightly-bizarre sophistication.

Together, the two create the picture of hedonistic delight promised by the Montmartre area of Paris. The era has been increasing in vogue in recent years and is a must-have attraction for a huge range of venues in European capitals and large cities, not to mention events and festivals.

While particularly suited to steampunk festivals and a range of historically-themed fun days, the walkabout act are great for anything circus or Victorian themed too and bring an aura of mystique and magnificence to any event.

To book our Parisian theme stilt walkers, contact our team of entertainment coordinators today.