One Thousand Dance

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One Thousand Dance
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible dance show combines breath taking contemporary dance with stunning visual effects

  • Video mapping dance show features stunning digital displays and environments to immerse audiences in the performance

  • State of the art video mapping has limitless applications for creating beautiful bespoke shows

  • Incredible contemporary dance group have performed for TED, Volkswagen, Milan Fashion Week and Italy’s Got Talent

  • Amazing dance act available for performances throughout Italy

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Book this fantastic dance show and prepare to dazzle your audience with a breath taking display of movement, music and technology. Our contemporary dance group put on a wide range of stunning shows full of beautifully evocative choreography, augmented by stage of the art visual effects and video mapping. This video mapping dance show creates jaw dropping backgrounds and environments in which our dancers move and perform, creating a beautiful and totally immersive experience like no other dance performance.

Our cutting edge video mapping technology has limitless applications when it comes to creating themes, ideas and mesmerising visual displays to enhance the natural talent of our dancers, and the range of productions they offer is second to none. Book this modern and vibrant dance act for a powerful display to make your event truly unforgettable.

Our video mapping dance show utilises the latest video mapping technology to project moving images, backdrops and brilliant displays of colour and motion onto the stage. Our dancers interact with these digital environments in their extraordinary performances to take their natural grace and skill to new levels of artistic creativity. This dance show is a thrilling and stylish spectacle that’s perfect for making a powerful impression at corporate events, cabaret nights and all kinds of events.

Established names like Volkswagen and cutting edge events like TED and the Milan Fashion Week have already made great use of this innovative dance act.

Our contemporary dance group can put on a great range of productions suited to stages as well as roaming shows or performances in unusual areas like shopping malls and festivals. Wherever they perform, our dancers are sure to impress with their magnificent dance routines and adventurous, innovative design ideas.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a wide range of dance acts using the latest technology to make their performances unique and special.

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Italy’s Got Talent
Milan Fashion Week