NLP Corporate Training

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NLP Corporate Training
Reasons to book this NLP Trainer
  • NLP training to improve your team’s insight, memory and presentation skills

  • Transform your business with practical, ingenious methods in this fun and interactive corporate workshop

  • Give your workforce the confidence, intuition and drive to succeed in this revolutionary corporate training

  • Expert NLP trainer has worked in the metropolitan police, studied psychology and uses his incredible intuition skills as a magician and mind reader

  • NLP workshops available for corporate training and events worldwide

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Book our renowned NLP trainer for an engaging, practical and insightful workshop for your business or corporate event. Our expert in NLP training delivers an entertaining and revelatory workshop on reading body language, presentation skills and detailed methods to improve confidence and memory.

These corporate workshops are designed to be flexible to your business’ needs and will offer instant results for your workforce. This fun and interactive corporate training will be a mind-opening experience for all who attend as our NLP expert provides simple and useful techniques for improving personal communication and mental techniques for developing insight, perception and planning abilities. 

Our expert NLP trainer spent 15 years in the Metropolitan police and has studied body language, NLP and psychology for years. Today he puts those skills to good use as a magician and mind reader able to perceive and understand hidden truths to amaze audiences though suggestion, intuition and reading body language. He offers businesses the chance to develop these same skills as well as a host of others in his radical corporate workshops.

As well as offering first rate NLP training our expert will provide practical and ingenious methods to improve sensory acuity and the ability to perceive and read body language- an incredibly useful skill in any job where gauging reactions and moods is important. This corporate training also offers insights into building rapport, memory techniques and goal setting to turn attendees into a driven, engaging and efficient workforce.

Top Tip:

Stress at work can affect any business. Our NLP Trainer has devised a 'stress busting' workshop to help companies manage stress with a proactive approach.

The easy to understand and in depth NLP training our expert offers even covers presentation skills and ways to represent ideas to better connect with audiences. For an insightful and invaluable workshop to transform your business look no further than our acclaimed NLP trainer.

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