Neon Light Show Moscow

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Neon Light Show Moscow
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stunning LED show will dazzle audiences with a powerful, hypnotic display of colour and motion

  • Neon light show with all the latest cutting edge technology for a truly spectacular show

  • LED dance act with a big range of themes, props and costumes to suit any occasion

  • Create a stunning LED act that incorporates your company branding or logo for a powerful and personalised display

  • Top of the range light show available for weddings, festivals, events and parties across Russia

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Book our stunning neon light show for a dynamic and dazzling performance at your event. This incredible LED dance act delivers a breathtaking display of stunning LED lights and beautifully choreographed dancers. Guests will be mesmerised by the intricate swirls and motions of our dancers and the hypnotic colours and lights in our LED show that will transport them to another world. This bright and colourful LED act is perfect for creating a big impression on guests at all kinds of events, from weddings and parties to festivals and corporate functions, and can even be tailored to display the logos and words of your corporate branding for an eye catching spectacle that reinforces your company message. Book this magnificent light show and look forward to leaving your guests stunned.

This dynamic and cutting edge neon light show uses the most modern and powerful LEDs and lights to create a marvellous display that will stir the imagination of any guest and leave them with an unforgettable experience. Our talented LED spinners and dancers create incredible and striking shapes and patters with their top of the range LED acts and props, and look absolutely stunning against a dark background like a club venue or outdoor evening event.

Our LED show comes in a huge range of styles to suit any occasion, from graceful and ethereal dancers to create an otherworldly spectacle, to edgy high octane digital dancers to get the heart pumping at parties and club nights. All our light shows are beautifully choreographed and directed by our expert team who really know how to make a lasting impression with their shows. Book this sensational world class LED dance act and light up your night. 

Scarlett Entertainment are the best in the business for bringing you the latest LED and technology shows to dazzle guests at your event. Contact our team to arrange booking one of our brilliant acts.