Namibian Tribal Performers

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Namibian Tribal Performers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible Namibian tribal performers will amaze audiences with their traditional drumming, music and dance

  • Tribal singers and performers from the remote San people of the Kalahari desert perform stunning and historic dance routines

  • Hypnotic tribal dancers will mesmerise audiences with their trance like singing and dancing

  • Incredible Namibian drummers perform with a range of traditional instruments to create a unique and lively sound

  • Amazing tribal drummers available for performances and shows worldwide

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Book our incredible Namibian tribal performers for a mesmerising dance, music and drumming performance. This incredible act gives audiences the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the incredible tribal dancing and music of the San people, native to the Kalahari Desert in Namibia. This ancient and mystic tradition is embodied by our superb tribal singers who perform a range of traditional dances full of hypnotic rhythms and intricate dances to amaze and entertain audiences. Our stunning tribal drummers will captivate audiences with heir passionate performances and range of traditional instruments which create a lively and exotic sound. Our Namibian drummers have performed all across the UK, thrilling audiences with their one of a kind performances.

The San people are one of the smallest and most isolated communities in all of Africa, with only a thousand speakers of their language left in the world. Our Namibian tribal performers give you the chance to experience this rare and un-missalbe spectacle that’s perfect for cultural festivals, ceremonies and performances worldwide. 

Our tribal drummers use a range of authentic instruments including the mouthbow, the Gau Gau (a handheld string instrument) and a range of percussion instruments and rattles attached to the legs of our tribal dancers to create a hypnotic and vibrant sound. Our tribal singers and Namibian drummers create a spellbinding performance designed to create a trance like state of excitement and passion for performers and audience alike, which the San people believe enables them to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors. This richly cultural and uniquely entertaining act is a truly marvellous spectacle that any audience would be privileged to experience.

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