Musical Team Building Host

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Musical Team Building Host
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Musical team building specialists, this interactive entertainment option never fails to put smiles on participant’s faces

  • Lead by a talented musician & event host, our charismatic event organiser will make sure every guest is energised & enjoying the music workshop

  • Using electric ukeleles & boom whackers, guests are taught these simple instruments & will be playing Beethoven together before you know it

  • Popular with conferences, corporate team building, family fun days & school music workshops, guests of any age enjoy the team building activities

  • Book Musical Team Building Host for events in Scandinavia & worldwide

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Entertainment agency Scarlett Entertainment specialises in providing the best shows and interactive acts for events across the globe. With a large roster of interactive entertainment options, clients can choose from a wide range of workshops and musical team building activities. A hugely enjoyable option for events, our Musical Team Building Host provides lively music workshops to get every guest taking part and having fun whatever the event.

Focusing on encouraging cooperation and team work rather than competition, our musical team building host will have your guests letting loose and getting into the groove of your event in no time at all. A fantastic ice breaking interactive entertainment option, expect hoots of laughter and lots of silliness as people test out their musical capabilities. 

The instruments
- The ukelele is a 4 stringed instrument from Hawaii. A small guitar like instrument, it is easy for both children and adults to handle and can be learnt very quickly.
- A boomwhacker is a lightweight hollow plastic tube that has been tuned to play a specific musical pitch when ‘whacked’. Differentiated by colour, guests can combine the sounds of different boom whackers to play harmonious tunes.

Different music workshops available
- Conference energiser: A complete change from typical boring conference entertainment, keep audiences fully engaged with a fun musical energiser. Giving every guest a boomwhacker, audiences will be more focused and engaged after their musical interlude.
- Corporate team building: Focusing on cooperation, guests will have to work together as a group to produce harmonious music. Selecting a group leader, bands will play either ukelele or boomwhackers.
- Festivals: Perfect for guests of all ages, we can provide drop-in ukelele workshops and giant boomwhacker choruses.
- Family fun days: A fantastic form of family entertainment, the ukelele is easy to learn and a perfect way for kids and parents to bond.
- The ukelele show: Crossing boundaries of language, music can bring together people of all nationalities and cultures. Encouraging sing-alongs and collaborative music, our professional host will lead everyone in creating a fabulous ukelele show.
- School workshop: A hands on workshop for kids, not only will they be taught to play the ukelele, they will also learn about rhythm, melody and harmony. 

Having worked with lots of high profile clients, your guests will really enjoy taking part in our musical team building activities. To learn more about booking Musical Team Building Host for your event, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.