Music Comedy Show

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Music Comedy Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A sing-a-long music hall comedy show in the finest British tradition

  • Play a host of instruments such as accordion, ukulele, tuba & washboard

  • Interactive show with all the lads in full costume & character throughout

  • Were the house band for an award winning National Theatre show

  • Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

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This music hall comedy act provide a sing-a-long show in the finest British tradition. The chaps play a host of instruments such as accordion, ukulele, tuba and washboard. Also included are more bizarre instruments such as musical saw Chinese chastity bells and sheep. This is a very interactive show with all the lads in full costume and character throughout. The band have performed in practically every situation you can imagine and some that you couldn’t, or perhaps ought not to.

The Music Comedy Show were the house band for the award winning National Theatre show ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ that sold out for 9 months at Battersea Arts Centre. As well as shows for Wilton's Music Hall, Whoopee club, White Mischief and at the Blackpool Wintergardens, the chaps have presented their show to many taverns, private parties and weddings.

The usual line-up* is a quartet of 4 multi-instrumentalist singers:

Maestro Paul - accordion
Rupert - baritone ukulele and mandolin
Mr. Sandiford - double bass
Matty Blake - baby drum set

The show can be expanded up to seven musicians, with circus and variety acts too if required. We can also perform in smaller combinations, from duo upwards.

Where did you get that hat?
Santa Lucia upon the singing saw
A Madrigal
Popsy Wopsy
When Father papered the parlour
God Save the Queen upon the tuneable cushion.
The Gay Velocepide
Spooning song
Monti’s Czardas upon the bass tuba
I lift up my finger and say tweet tweet
Mr. Wong and his Chinese chastity bells

William Tell on the typewriter
Syphilis, my dear?
Great Big Saw
Tooting on the finger whistles
It’s a Great Big Shame
Lawn Tennis
No Smoking Allowed
Swan Lake
Honeysuckle and the Bee
The Pizza song
For Love Alone
The Mermaid
The Spaniard that Blighted my life
Who’s sorry now?

"The band were superb: universally admired. More than one person told me that they’d understood what music hall was all about for the first time."

Simon Callow

"Within a very short time everyone was joining in singing, clapping and laughing. At the end of the evening they were given a standing ovation and we all felt it was the best entertainment we have ever had at our annual function. I have been organising this event for the last 11 years and during that time we have had a wide range of acts but never anything quite so much fun."

Jennifer Moss, Mercury Computer Systems, 2011

"These fine chaps are quite magnificent - music hall entertainment from a bygone era crammed with interesting instruments and innuendo."

review of St.Albans show, 2009

"A veritable work of art... a mini masterpiece"

Mike Martin, writer for The Stage and member of The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra