Muse Tribute Band

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Muse Tribute Band
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Official Muse Tribute band well established across Europe

  • Accurately recreates the sound & characteristics that make MUSE so unique

  • Perform all of the favourite songs from every Muse album

  • Can perform an electric set, with a string quartet, an acoustic set

  • Based in Rome, Italy & available to perform at events worldwide

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This Official Muse Tribute are based in Rome, Italy and are well established across Europe as the best and most authentic Muse covers band.

During their gigs the Muse Tribute pay attention to the live versions of the English trio, characteristics of the band which is well-known and appreciated all over the world. To improve their performances, they have undertaken a maniacal study both of the songs scores and the executions along with, and especially, of the effects, characteristics that make MUSE sound so unique; moreover, the instrumentation has been completely renewed and widened to reproduce the original sonorities as better as they can.

The line-up of the Muse Tribute Band reproduces exactly the one adopted by Muse from 2006 with the presence, on stage, the fourth band element piloting voices effects and backing tracks played strictly live without using samples or records.

The Muse cover band accurately recreate all of the favourite songs from every Muse album and are available to perform a number of different shows including - An electric set, with a string quartet, an acoustic set.