Multiskilled Masquerade Jesters

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Multiskilled Masquerade Jesters
Reasons to book this Walkabout Act
  • Stilts, contact juggling, fire acts, human statures, digital poi and more

  • Outstanding Venetian, Jester crossover characters with a wide range of skills

  • Available for staged shows and interactive meet and greet entertainment

  • Clients include Hewlett Packard, Royal Air Force Club, Virgin Money, EDF and Next

  • Based in the UK and available for events worldwide

Multiskilled Masquerade Jesters photos

Ideal for Medieval, Venetian themed events or as an eye-catching walkabout act, the Multiskilled Masquerade Jesters have such fantastic costumes that they are unlikely to go unnoticed. Not to mention their incredible range of skills that can bring excitement and wow factor to your event.

Elaborately costumed in renaissance grandeur crossed with jester pleasantry, these stylish artistic Venetian characters can bee booked as a dramatic welcoming act, exquisite mix and mingle and a fascinating high-energy stage show guaranteed to captivate the guests’ attention. 

The fantastic male and female Multiskilled Masquerade Jesters offer a diverse range of crystal ball manipulation, fire acts, digital poi, hula hoops, human statues and stilts. 

Meet and Greet

  • Stilts: at the entrance costumed in regal reds and glittering golds. 
  • Fire: Like the torch bearers of olden days, the magnificent Jesters become a light beacon enticing your guests
  • Human Statues: Statuesque jesters on black velvet plinths. They offer surprise bows, jingles of their hats and other entertaining antics.

Mix and Mingle

  • Crystal ball manipulation: Our Masquerade Jesters are internationally acclaimed crystal ball manipulators who will mesmerize your guests with the fascinating contact juggling. 
  • Fire Eating: How about a hot starter to get people talking at your event? The Jesters have small fire wands stashed in their specially designed pockets to perform short but hot fire eating routines to small groups of guests or table to table. Sure to please, a medieval trick for a modern day audience.

Stage Show
A mixture of Venetian splendour with dynamic modern LED props to create a show of fun, grace and beauty. This 5-10 minute high-energy music-choreographed performance combines contact juggling displays with world class hula-hoop artist skills climaxing with state-of-the-art customisable digital poi show.

Based in the UK, the Multiskilled Masquerade Jesters are available for everything from themed events, to gala dinners.

Contact us if you would like a mesmerising walkabout act, with unusual Venetian characters, for your event.

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